Goodyear Eagle F1: The Perfect Tire?

Goodyear may have accomplished the impossible – they’ve built an ultra high performance tire that boasts the best of all worlds: superb dry weather traction, incredible wet weather performance, quiet ride and unheard of durability.


The new F1’s, which feature brand new tire technologies including V-TRED and OneTRED, are specifically designed for upscale, sports car and sedan owners and feature a sweeping unidirectional tread pattern that evacuates water at an unprecedented rate.

The unique design of the tire features a continuous “center zone” that increases stiffness and provides immediate steering response and accurate feedback, a continuous load transfer design which translates into improved handling (thanks to the shoulder to centerline tread blocks), and as if that weren’t enough, it also offers a more stable shoulder area (read: more stable and increased lateral stiffness), thanks to asymmetrical rib angles.

Watching this tire perform is truly inspiring. It swallows high-g-force corners with ease, laughs at wet weather and provides tremendously accurate feedback to the driver. Improved noise characteristics and increased durability (280 tread rating) are almost like a bonus when you consider how well the tire performs.

The government appears to agree with us when we say that the wet weather traction is unbelievable – they’ve awarded it the highest wet weather rating of any ultra high performance tire – the coveted “AA” rating.

The new Goodyear Eagle F1 is available in many sizes, ranging from 195/50/15 to 285/30/21. Pricing is very competitive, considering the no compromises performance that this tire delivers. If you’re in the market for tires, take a good look at these bad boys – you won’t be disappointed. Look for an in-depth review soon…

The Goodyear Eagle F1 fitted to a BMW 3-series. This tire offers both wet and dry performance and handling that is second to none. A true ultra high performance tire.

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