2006 Porsche Cayman: Porsche Acknowledges New Coupe

Porsche officially acknowledged that a new steed exists in its stable of thoroughbreds. The Porsche Cayman will be available for the 2006 model year, and features a mid-engined, two-seat sports coupe design that’s based on the Boxster platform. Rumor mills and early spy shots had the Porsche Cayman pegged simply as a Boxster Coupe, but Porsche has officially allotted a unique slot in the company roster for the Cayman.

Porsche Cayman


Details and legitimate photos are scarce at this time, but we do know the Cayman will be available in plain trim and “S” trim, the latter of which will feature a 295 horsepower, 3.4-liter six-cylinder boxer engine and a six-speed manual transmission. The base model Cayman will supposedly receive a 240 horsepower motor that displaces approximately 2.7-liters, and will wear standard 17-inch wheels.


Inside, drivers will find an interior similar to the current Boxster/911 design. Folks close to the project tell us that the two-seater will include a rear package “tray” inside the cabin designed to accommodate items like briefcases and small overnight bags – perfect for a quick weekend jaunt. Spy photos obtained by Roadfly show a masked rear end, but artists interpretations and computer rendering software predicts a tapered rear hatch with a small electroincally activated spoiler.


No word on driving dynamics or price points, but Porsche says the Cayman will be slotted between the Boxster S and the Carrera. We expect a price point of around sixty to sixty-five thousand. As for the name? Porsche chose to name the Cayman after a small, swift and nimble breed of crocodile known as the Caiman. We’ll share more details, including spy shots and photos about the Porsche Cayman as we receive them. For additional information and up-to-the-minute news and comments read the Porsche Cayman Message Forums.

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