Welcome to the Roadfly Corporate Blog

We’re often asked “What’s new at Roadfly?” or “What have you guys been up to?” To answer the questions and to keep all of our fans informed, we launched the Roadfly Corporate Blog.

Welcome to our blogging space! In the future you’ll see posts made by Roadfly founders Alan Riley and Charlie Romero (me) as well as senior staff members. For now, I’m not going to bore you and make this a long introduction. If you’re here reading you’re most likely familiar with Roadfly, what we do and our history. Founded in 1997, Roadfly is one of the oldest and largest automotive portals on the net. We reach more than a million unique visitors each month and deliver more than 30 million page views to new and used car buyers and car owners every month. Our most popular features are our Car Reviews, Car Classifieds and our Forums.

In the coming months we’ll use these pages to keep you, our readers informed of site improvements, new features and general happenings around the Roadfly HQ. We’re constantly improving our software and implementing new features so the most common posts will probably reference Roadfly features and the software that powers them. You may notice that we made a blog category for “Fun at Work.” Since we’re true car guys (and gals) in addition to computer geeks we’ll use this forum to keep you updated on our car guy adventures.

You can subscribe to our blog via RSS to stay up-to-date automatically or check back from time-to-time. That’s about it for now.