Playing in the Mud with Nissan Trucks

The Roadfly editorial staff gets invited by auto manufacturers to various driving events around the world. Sometimes they’re exotic locations like South Africa or maybe the mountains of Hawaii and other times they’re right here in the good ole US of A. Bein’ as how we’re all just a bunch of good ole boys there’s nothin’ that gets us as excited as playing with Nissan Trucks in the dirt and mud of the Texas plains.

Click the link to read the article Max Farrow wrote about The Nissan Truck Off-Road Experience

Nissan Trucks Off-Road

Charlie Romero and Max Farrow with Nissan Trucks Off-Road

(Left: Max Farrow, Right: Charlie Romero)

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Written by Roadfly Charlie

Charlie is Roadfly’s founder and publisher, and was taught to drive by his father in a 1974 Porsche 914. That made poor Charlie a Porsche fanboy for life, and after driving a 911SC at 16, he bought and campaigned a variety of 944s at racetracks up and down the East Coast, earning awards and track records in his twenties. Charlie never really got over the car bug, and after a career in real estate development he founded the Internet media firm that became Roadfly. Charlie lives in McLean, VA with his wife and two daughters, and between the demands of family and business doesn’t have much time to play with cars anymore, excluding the machinery we review.

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