2006 Ford Freestyle Limited AWD

Automotive journalists are well-known for decrying the SUV craze-in part selfishly, as we enjoy driving exciting vehicles, and reviewing truck after truck after truck can become tedious. “Why,” we’re always lamenting, “why don’t consumers buy wagons?” After all, the station wagon offers similar utility, better fuel economy, and usually better pricing than the typical SUV does, and their lower centers of gravity and weights make for more sporting machines, on average.

So, when a vehicle like the Ford Freestyle hits the market-boasting SUV character and car underpinnings-we rejoice. The typical review of such an SUV-alternative will spend hundreds of words extolling its sharp handling and other dynamic virtues, although in truth, rising SUV sales show that consumers largely don’t care. No matter is it’s equipped with all-wheel-drive, wearing some new name meant to evoke the great outdoors (Prairie Dog Bush Country Back-road edition), even cladded with gaudy brush guards and similar useless protrusions-to many buyers, a station wagon just cannot mimic the rugged appeal of the Sport Utility Vehicle.

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2006 Ford Freestyle
Ford, Road Tests
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