2007 Bentley Continental GTC from the New York Auto Show

Upper-crust, Anglophile auto-lovers were initially introduced to the ragtop version of Bentley’s immensely popular Continental GT (the GTC-clever, no?) at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. Even from the pictures, it was easy to fall in love. However, now that the New York Show has come and gone, we’ve had our chance to see and touch this piece of automotive jewelry-and it just makes us want one more.


The GTC is the fourth new model debuted since the 1999 renaissance of the Bentley brand (thanks to VW). Bentley Chairman Franz-Josef Paefgen and Design Chief Dirk van Braeckel-suspiciously non-English-sounding names-explained how the new convertible fits into the Bentley strategy; it slots in between the Continental GT and the Arnage sedan in this top-shelf lineup.

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