Los Angeles Auto Show’s New Dates attract World Premieres

In welcome news for anyone connected to the automotive industry, the 2006 LA Auto Show will take place from December 1st-10th. Cheers to the staff of the LA Auto Show for choosing an earlier date, which has already paid off. At least eight world vehicle debuts will take place in LA this year.

Everybody wins here. Rather than competing for media attention and manufacturer investment, the LA and Detroit auto shows will be able to carve out their own respective niches. Journalists can now devote the proper time and resources to covering both shows thoroughly, and consumers will be treated to a non-stop blitz of debuts and concept cars during the winter months.

Detroit will remain the crown jewel of American auto shows, but LA may gain the edge in hipness due to lower promotional costs and its larger, younger market.

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Full press release follows:


Eight Manufacturers Confirm World Debuts for Los Angeles Auto Show

Automakers Respond to Earlier Dates


In a town renowned for its star-studded premieres, the automotive industry’s stars will shine brighter than ever in Hollywood this November. Already, eight manufacturers — Audi, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan and Volkswagen — are staging world debuts of production or concept vehicles at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. And, some of these companies are planning multiple debuts.

Manufacturers are intensifying their efforts on the LA Auto Show. For example, Nissan is hosting its first world premiere in LA since 1999. And in addition to more debuts, automakers are increasing their off-site evening activities for journalists.

“This is the earliest the show has received such major commitments for world debuts,” said Andy Fuzesi, general manager of the LA Auto Show. “We’re still four months away from the show, and there will be even more debuts announced.”

The stature of the LA Auto Show will be elevated significantly as a result of more world debuts and an increase in media attendance and coverage. Thus, the adopted theme for this year’s show, “A New Beginning,” aptly captures this pivotal point in the show’s history.

The enormity and significance of the Southern California market have long made the LA Auto Show a desirous venue for automakers to stage debuts. However, conflicting dates with the Detroit show made it difficult for automakers and journalists to devote resources simultaneously to both shows. The new November dates resolve that 25-year conflict and allow the LA Auto Show to stand alone on the international auto show calendar.

For the first time in its history, the LA Auto Show has received international sanctioning from the Paris-based Ogranisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA). The international automotive trade association acknowledged the significance of this year’s LA Auto Show by placing it on the official international show calendar.

General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will open press days by delivering a keynote address at the Motor Press Guild Breakfast on Wednesday, November 29. Wagoner is expected to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing GM and other auto manufacturers in the 21st century.

Press days for the LA Auto Show are November 29 and 30, and public days are December 1-10, 2006.

More details on LA Auto Show activities and registration for press days will be provided in the near future.

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