Utili-Track System provides a ton of utility.

One of the features of our Nissan Titan that we have found to be unexpectedly useful is the Utili-track bed system. With a name like Utili-track, you might think that this is simply one of a long list of features attached to the window sticker of a truck by some marketing type.

Wrong. The Utili-track bed system is something we wish would be on every truck. It is a sliding rail system accommodating a variety of OEM and aftermarket accessories which can lock into the four lengthwise rails and one horizontal rail. Rather than having to stretch bungee cords to the far corners of the truck to tie something down, we can just slide the Titan’s adjustable cleats to where we need them, lock them down, and have a secure tie down in minutes.

Even better are the plethora of items which have been made to work with this system. From bicycle fork mounts to sliding floor trays to toolboxes to motorcycle wheel chocks to bed extenders, the myriad of possibilities for the Utili-track system continue to impress us.





  1. i’m living it. I have the system in my titan and love it. Now I want to install a sliding 5th wheel and plan to use the utili track to fasten the hitch to the truck. What do you think? Does it have a chance?

  2. i have a2011 f150 super crew p/up 5.5 bed. im asking if do you have a cargo management system for this kind of truck or something similar. thx

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