The Titan’s Sirius satellite antenna is nicely hidden

One other thing we feel compelled to mention about our Titan test truck is the common-sense approach Nissan has taken on the issue of satellite radio. Most manufacturers have elected to plop strangely-shaped, body-colored antennae on the roofs of their cars. However, the Titan’s Sirius antenna is located inside the car, tucked in next to the rear-view mirror’s mount on the windshield where a parking-garage transmitter or SmartTag might go. It’s still a big ugly box, but it’s the best solution that we’ve seen to this aesthetic issue. Hats off to Nissan for addressing what is admittedly a strictly aesthetic, car-guy nit-pick.

Nissan Titan's Sirius Satellite Antenna

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  1. Firt of all ı’am sory my Engilish.. 🙂

    I wonder that This satellite Antena for what ..On air singnal ?? space satalite singal ??

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