Tight Turning Titan is Tops

When you’re talking trucks, the figures and stats that normally would get your heart racing-slalom times, cornering forces, etc.–suddenly become less important, compared to numbers that car-guys generally consider mundane. Turning Radius, for example. A low-slung, Italianate exotic with nine-inch-wide wheels isn’t going to have the tightest turning radius, but that’s not going to keep the lottery winners out of the dealership, either. But on an everyday-use pickup, little things like the turning radius become very important indeed. It’s one thing to have to make a 53-point turn on that rare occasion when you’re out in your Lamborghini; it’s entirely another when that same contortionism is required every time you head to the hardware store.

We’re handily impressed with the turning radius on our long-term Nissan Titan. For a full-size truck, this thing seems as light on its feet as a ballet dancer; easy to slot into even the narrowest of alleys or parking spots with a minimum of back-and-forth fuss. We have yet to run the numbers, but we’d be willing to bet that the Titan’s turning circle is the shortest out of any competitor on the market today. We’ve driven them all, of course, and our seat-of-the-pants impression is that Nissan has them all beat. It makes driving the Titan just that much easier.

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