The Nissan Titan’s Side View Mirrors Increase Visibility

Given the superlative terms we heaped on our long-term Nissan Titan’s liftgate mechanism, we hesitated to use another “best-on-the-market” line for fear of lessening the effect. But the Titan is really just that good, and is a rolling example of all those proverbs about little things making a big difference.

The side view mirrors on the Titan are without a doubt the best on the full-size truck market. The standard mirror for every Titan is a huge, box-shaped regular mirror, accompanied by a rectangular convex mirror on the bottom. The top portions are power-adjustable, and the convex mirror is just poke-adjustable. That’s fine with us, since it offers the driver such a wide field of vision that you may never need to adjust it at all.

The only mirror that really compares to the Titan’s is found on the Ford F Series trucks. For trucks that you can fit into a standard garage, the Titan is “king of visibility.”

Nissan Titan Side View Mirror


  1. Can the bottom convex unit be more useless?
    Can you see the reflection of the mirror frame on the side of the mirror?
    Have the Titan and find both side mirrors lacking in design functionality.
    Also cracked convex unit and tried to get replacement. $250.00!
    “you need to replace the whole unit”??? $250.00 What the f!
    I wish the designer of this thing was cursed to use these mirrors for eternity. Blind spot cars hide in that reflected frame area.

  2. With the large mirror area plus the triangle roof support in the same area, It makes for a big spot for a car approaching from the right at an intersection to hide behind (left not as bad). Came close many times to crashing, as it turned out, the worst I got was the bird.

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