Nissan Titan’s Fold Flat Front Passenger Seat

One of the full-size truck market’s most reliable customers is the contractor – that guy who practically lives in his truck, carrying a mix of business and personal items (tools and toys), and often a variety of people. The contractor demographic helped make the four-door pickup a household item, and as contractors grew more affluent during the American construction boom, amenities and creature comforts began to appear in their trucks that had previously only been available to luxury-car buyers.

The driver’s seat of a contractor’s truck is often his office chair. From this post, he commandeers projects, makes phone calls, and writes all manner of communiqués. The passenger seat then becomes his desk, albeit a soft and uneven one. Not so in the Nissan Titan. The Titan’s passenger seatback folds down completely flat with the pull of a handle, and offers the driver a completely flat, hard surface resembling the tray table on a passenger jet. Since it’s set into the back of a car seat, it’s obviously much sturdier.

The seatback is perfectly positioned for the driver to write on and show the workers standing on the passenger side exactly what he means. We’ve remarked before about little things making a big difference in reference to this truck, and it holds true here as well. This is one of the most butt-kicking features we have ever seen, and Nissan deserves credit for executing it in a most convenient fashion.

Flat Folding Front Seat

Nissan Titan Front Passenger Seat

Contractor Work Space Front Seat

Nissan Truck Front Passenger Seat

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