Cargo floor and interior storage in Nissan Titan proves very useful

Nissan Titan cargo floor storage area

Nissan Titan cargo floor interior storage cargo area

The back seats or cargo area, depending on your preference, comes with a few surprises.

First to the standard aspects, the seats come up with the ease of a handle and the mats are removable for easy cleaning. However, you don’t need to worry about calling shotgun in this car because the seating does not wedge you in the back of the car; the Nissan Titan actually gives you ample leg space for a truck. The rear seating is split bench style seating so if you have three passengers and luggage on a rainy day, you won’t have to worry about your luggage getting soaked in the bed of the truck since you can fold the rear seat in sections.

Usually, trucks are advertised as manly, built tough, and used for hauling lumber and tools, not groceries. This time, Nissan did not forget the women. The feature that had me excited was the hooks on the bottom of the seat that become accessible when the seats are folded for full cargo floor access. The hooks are designed to hold bags upright and in place during travel, something that I greatly appreciate after coming home from a trip to the grocery store only to find that my purchases are all over my car and nothing is left in a bag. This simple idea will surely be a hit. Convenience to help make a trip to the store as non-stressful as it is meant to be.

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