2007 Honda CR-V Preview

Honda’s cute-ute CR-V is all-new for 2007, and nowhere is that more evident than in the exterior. Almost Audi-esque in the rear, and somewhat endearingly pug-nosed up front, the CR-V will no longer be the also-ran in the baby-SUV category-as far as looks go, at least.


Fortunately for Honda, the interior has had as much attention as the sheetmetal. The upgrade here is on a scale rarely seen in the world of bread-and-butter transportation–although that observation may be due in part to our tester’s $29,000 loaded status. Either way, we were instantly taken by the 2007 CR-V’s dual glove box, high-tech navigation system, and driver’s dead-pedal. Soccer moms, too, will find plenty to like, including the CR-V’s adoption of the Honda “Safety for Everyone” mantra, standard active head restraints, and ACE body structure.


2007 CR-Vs will start at around $21,000, and top out around $5,000 more, not including the nav system. There’s now 10 more horsepower under the hood, for a total of 166, and the automatic transmission is now standard. The CR-V is two inches wider for 2007, too.

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