2007 Nissan Versa Preview

Sold in other markets as the Tiida, Nissan’s entry into the suddenly-crowded “B”-segment–think Honda Fit, Aveo, Yaris, etc.–will be the Versa for 2007. Surprisingly roomy inside, it’s one of the biggest platforms to fit into the B category.


The Versa also sports one of the largest motors in the B-segment. It’s a 122-horse 1.8-liter, and it feels decidedly peppy when driven back-to-back with the competition. Electric power steering is also featured, and we were mightily impressed with the Versa’s tracking. Leave it to Nissan to build the sportiest entry in the subcompact class.


We drove an SL model, which runs around $17,000. Base Versas start at just $12,500, though, but you lose the keyless start, the sunroof, the subwoofer-equipped Rockford Fosgate 6-disc stereo, and more goodies. Either way, the Versa promises to be first-rate transportation on a budget. Our only complaint would regard a distinct lack of storage space in the interior–there isn’t much in the way of cubbies, nooks and crannies for all your stuff.


  1. It is nice though! very roomy and definetly gets people to look when you drive by, especially when it’s shiny BLACK!

  2. I just baught a used 2007 Nissan Versa and I have to say ist’s SUPER!!! And the comment about cubby space is inaccurate. It has a HUGE glove compartment. A compartment above the CD player for your CD’s. side pockets that have a cup holder too which makes 6 cupholders all together. Fold down arm rest in the back seat with 2 cupholders. A compartment for your glasses between the visors. And a compartment between the seats that folds up and ther are two smaller slots for stuff. So no shortage on cubbies! It turns on a dime! Great gas mileage. A bose stereo with controls on the steering wheel. The most leg room in the back seat I have ever seen, a 6 foot person can cross their legs if they want! No exageration. Handles beautifully, and yes it is peppy. Oh and the stick is 6 speed. I am very happy! Zoom Zoom!

  3. Oh yea and it has a suspension that keeps the car level at all times, meaning when you break your front end does not dip and when you bank left or right for a ramp you don’t lean. VERY NICE!!!

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