New BMW X5: Video & Review

BMW’s new X5 (known as the E70) is currently making its world debut at the 2006 Los Angeles International Auto Show. We here at Roadfly, however, pulled a few strings and took the wheel of it a few weeks ago in the beautiful countryside near Spartanburg, SC. We liked it so much that we decided to do a full Roadfly TV video review of it.

BMW’s new X5 stands head and shoulders above the previous-generation X5. While still clearly recognizable as an X5, it is completely new, from engine to interior to body.

The interior of the X5 is finished with a quality worthy of BMW’s 7-series. For audio enthusiasts, the CD player is MP3-compatible AND an auxiliary input jack is standard for an iPod or other audio player. The X5 has been stretched almost 8 inches, split between the cargo area and the passenger cabin, which allows not only a third-row seat option and more storage space, but also for a 6-foot plus passenger to ride comfortably behind a 6-foot plus driver!

Featuring BMW’s Valvetronic technology in both the 4.8i V8 and 3.0si straight six models, the X5 features more horsepower and torque than its predecessor (35 more hp for both models, and 26 and 11 lb-ft of torque, respectively). The X5 4.8i hits 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, and the 6-speed Steptronic transmission ensures smooth acceleration with shift points almost impossible to detect.

It may look like an SUV, but make no mistake–the new X5 is powerful, fast, and nimble. Watch in the video as we take it on a figure 8 through a wet skidpad and can’t get it to spin out, despite our best efforts even with BMW’s dynamic stability control off!

As we went through our footage, preparing the Roadfly TV story, we found ourselves wanting even more time with this capable performer. BMW has really hit the mark in the luxury SUV segment.

You can also watch the 2007 BMW X5 Video at YouTube.

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