Mazda Stops The Show With Their Ryuga Concept At NAIAS

Ryuga (pronounced: ree-yoo-ga) builds on Mazda’s concept of flow. Nagare — Japanese for “flow” — debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November and introduced the company’s new design future. Japanese for “gracious flow,” Ryuga will reflect a higher level of sophistication through the use of rich fabrics, engineered fits and hidden details. Ryuga is elegant and refined, but radiates spirit and edge while portraying unique Japanese beauty.

“The Ryuga concept is an exploratory design study that’s more realistic than Nagare and therefore more useful in gauging reactions from those who see it,” said Laurens van den Acker, design division general manager for Mazda Motor Corporation. “Ryuga adds definition by incorporating a working interior, chassis and propulsion detail that were purposely absent from Nagare.

The interior of the car, once you are past the Lava Red exterior, is an advanced and very sporty cockpit that allows for an exciting personal driving experience while also providing a relaxed lounge environment to chat and hang out with friends. The Ryuga also comes equipped with advanced LED and Fluorescent Tube technology, Blind Spot Monitoring, rear-view cameras and other active and passive safely technologies.

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