Video: The Sweet Sound of the New BMW M3 V8

Here is some footage of BMW’s new 2008 M3 concept revving its engine, from the car’s official launch at the 2007 Geneva auto show. This is the hottest ‘music’ on the web right now, since it’s the first time the car-buying public has heard the M3’s all-new V8 in full song.

This motor is going to light the world on fire. It is rumored to displace four liters and make as much as 420 horsepower, and it will probably rev to at least 8000rpm.

We’ve also heard that the new M3 will be offered with a twin-clutch DSG transmission, replacing the old single-clutch SMG used in the previous generation M3.

BMW calls this M3 a “concept,” but they have a habit of introducing road cars at autoshows and calling them concepts. They did it with the E60 M5, and therefore we expect the production M3 to look just like the car you see here.

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Video of the new BMW M3 Concept .

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