Volvo XC70 Comes To The NYIAS

* Improved child safety with a world innovation
* Advanced drive systems contribute to increased safety margins
* Six-cylinder engine for the first time in the Volvo XC70
* All Wheel Drive and advanced drive systems
* First-class comfort and versatile function
* World class audio system

The all-new Volvo XC70 is the third generation of Volvo’s capable cross-country model.

Just like the all-new V70 model, it offers everything that implies of luxury and a spacious interior, sporty driving properties and high comfort. In addition, the all-nefw Volvo XC70 has a number of smart solutions for increased flexibility and practical function.

Safety is naturally at the highest level and the car also includes Volvo’s world breakthrough: integrated child booster cushions with a choice of two seating heights.

“The all-new Volvo XC70 has been developed for people who want to live out their dreams,” says Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Brand, Business and Product Strategy at Volvo Cars. “It has the right attitude, capacity and equipment for enjoyable trips to and from your adventures. And just like the all-new V70 model, it clearly marks Volvo’s increasingly strong position in the premium segment. It is therefore logical that the all-new Volvo XC70 should inherit much of the same character and properties. We recognize the design, the comfort and the high safety level. The fact that the all-new Volvo XC70 is now even more versatile and capable than its predecessor is a direct response to our customers’ expressed wishes and needs.”

To improve safety for children in the rear seat of the all-new XC70 model, Volvo has further developed the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) with a stronger body structure, extended inflatable curtains and a height-adjustable integrated child booster cushion – the latter a world innovation.

The booster cushion, which is integrated in the rear seat, can be set at two heights, allowing children of different sizes to sit sufficiently high to see out through the windows yet at the same time get the most effective protection possible. The lower setting is intended for children between 115 and 140 cm in height and weighing between 22 and 36 kg, while the upper setting is designed for children measuring 95-120 cm and weighing between 15 and 25 kg. The all-new Volvo XC70 can be equipped with integrated child booster cushions in both outer rear seats.
The adjustable booster cushion means the seat belt geometry is optimum irrespective of the child’s height. The integrated booster cushion is also accompanied by safety belts with specially adjusted force limiters. They contribute to the best possible protective effect by restraining the child with just the right amount of tensioning force in a collision.

The inflatable curtains in the all-new Volvo XC70 have been extended by 60 mm, which in combination with the height-adjustable booster cushions and the strong body side structure provide more children of different sizes with effective protection in a side impact.

To optimise side-impact protection in the all-new XC70 model, not only for children but for all occupants, the body’s entire side structure is both stronger and lighter thanks to a well-balanced combination of high-tensile steel of different grades (High Strength Steel, Extra High Strength Steel and the extremely strong Ultra High Strength Steel). The various components and grades of steel interact to minimise penetration into the passenger compartment. The aim is instead to get the entire car to move sideways – away from the colliding vehicle.

The new type of side-impact airbag which was launched together with the all-new S80 model makes Volvo’s patented SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) into an even more effective safety system. The new side impact airbags have two separate chambers – one for the hip section and one for the chest. Since the hips can withstand greater force than the chest can, the lower chamber inflates with up to five times more pressure than the upper section. The side-impact airbags interact with the inflatable curtains and the body’s network of safety beams to provide the most effective.

“We can now for the first time ever offer a six-cylinder engine in the Volvo XC70,” says Tomas Ahlborg, Project Director for the all-new XC70. “It is the extremely compact transverse in-line unit made of aluminium that was launched in conjunction with the all-new Volvo S80. With six cylinders and a displacement of 3.2 litres, the XC70 gets the power and driveability that a true adventurer needs. With this new powerplant, we can give discerning customers an entirely new and longed-for driving experience.”

* Six-cylinder normally aspirated engine with dual cam profiles
* Extremely compact design
* Energy-efficient turbodiesel from second-generation D5 range
* Petrol and diesel engines at the launch of the all-new Volvo XC70

For more on the XC70, take a look at the Volvo website

Photo Gallery: Volvo XC70 Pictures

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