Maserati GranTurismo Unveiled At The NYIAS

In order to win over new customers, and beat its competitors in the segment, the Maserati GranTurismo can rely on a unique offering that encompasses:

The stylistic features of the Maserati GranTurismo can be traced back directly to the legacy of the Trident (Maserati A6GCS) and to a boundless future illustrated by the Birdcage 75th concept car through a clear aesthetic language consisting of words such as: dynamism, modernity, sensuality and passion.

Inspired by the forms of the Birdcage 75th, the exterior appears muscular with a natural and decisive fluidity of volumes which start from the impressive grille and mark out the whole side up to the rear lights; the fenders hang over the large wheels to create a powerful and elegant form drawn tightly over the mechanics.

The dynamism of the side view is accentuated by the reduced overhangs as well as the long bonnet furrowed with the classic “V” streak; three air intakes in pure Maserati style and the chrome profile lighten the front fender.

The side is distinguished by chrome features that convey light: the Maserati logo on the rear pillar, the profile of the grilles on the front fender, the door handles, and the frame marking out the glass surface.

The imposing and dynamic front shows in plan view the traditional Maserati V form which culminates in the large oval grille alongside the headlamps which develop horizontally blending perfectly into the form of the fenders. The grille marked by vertical concave fillets is adorned with a large chrome Trident which appears to be suspended in the middle with all-round visibility.

The rear of the car gives further emphasis to sportiness and technological research: the triangular lights use 96 LED lights which ensure immediate night-time recognition; a wind tunnel designed ample aerodynamic cone framed at the sides by chrome exhaust tailpipes sits over the bottom part of the bumper.

The V8 adopted for the Maserati GranTurismo has been especially fine tuned compared to the engine fitted to the Quattroporte’s automatic versions in order to enhance its responsiveness to the throttle controls. In this configuration it delivers maximum power of 405 HP at 7,100 revs (specific power of 96.4 HP/Liter) and maximum torque of 460 Nm at 4,750 revs, of which 75% is already available at 2,500 revs.

Compact and light (180Kg), the short stroke engine (bore 92 mm – stroke 79.8 mm) incorporates a crankcase and cylinder heads (with head cover in Maserati Blue) made of aluminum silicon alloy, hardened forged steel crankshaft and 5 main bearings.

The timing has twin chain-driven overhead camshafts per bank; four valves per cylinder controlled by hydraulic tappets. The camshafts on the intake side are fitted with a low pressure continuous phase variator, with complete actuation times of less than 0.15 seconds.

The new 6-speed automatic transmission (ZF 6HP26) has been designed to offer smooth and easy driving, without changing the sporty behavior of the Maserati V8.

The new hydraulic transmission exalts the Maserati V8 into the low/medium range, and does not limit the power at high revs, allowing gear changes up to 7,200 revs (a limit not achieved by the other cars in the target segment).

The ratios have been chosen so as to allow the Maserati GranTurismo to obtain excellent acceleration times (0-62 mph in 5.2 seconds) and at the same time to reduce fuel consumption and interior noise levels at high speeds.

The gran turismo tradition began for Maserati in 1947 at the Geneva Auto Show where the Modenese racing firm presented the sleek A6 GranTurismo. The 2008 Maserati GranTurismo, inspired by the A6GCS of the past and the Pininfarina Birdcage 75 of the future, presents a strong visual impact of timeless design. Wind tunnel sculpting forms lines of a thoroughbred; well-proportioned and purposeful: A True Maserati. The name of the new model-Maserati GranTurismo-is no coincidence. Once again, the Maserati-Pininfarina team has produced an exciting car whose construction, unique and inimitable style sets it apart from the competition.

The Maserati GranTurismo features a front and rear wishbone suspension with aluminum hubs and arms. The Skyhook suspension system employs aluminum gas dampers for a continuous, automatic damping control, helping to ensure comfort without penalizing performance. The car is 192.2 inches long with a wheelbase of 115.8 inches. The standard wheels are 19 inch with a 20 inch option.

Poltrona Frau leather assures the sense of occasion. A true expression of Italian hand-craftsmanship both as regards the rich quality of the raw material used and the traditional processing techniques adopted produce leather soft and cozy in the winter, cool and fresh in the summer. Redefined processes add durability, strength and practicality to the attractive appearance and soft-to-the-touch quality. With time, aging becomes a factor that actually enhances the quality.

A 7” resolution color screen connects to a 30 gig hard disc based information and navigation system. Voice command allows the driver to orally control radio, navigation, telephone and hard disc commands while the system is also capable of reading aloud SMS messages. A specifically designed Bose surround sound system comes standard with the possibility to store up to 180 hours of music.

The bi-xenon lights which are fitted to the Maserati GranTurismo can be enhanced by the rotation function which improves illumination of the roadway and surrounding areas while traveling at night. The electronic high and low beam control unit captures the instantaneous information relating to steering and angle as well as driving speed and actuates special electric motors to rotate the light cones.

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