2008 BMW 650i Coupe and Convertible Preview

BMW 6 Series fans and enthusiasts will be pleased with the new 2008 650i Coupe and 650i Convertible, since it now comes with the new six-speed Sports Automatic Transmission as well as the six-speed manual transmission.


On the exterior, you can expect the standards like bi-xenon dual round headlights. New color options come in the metallic paint colors of Deep Sea Blue and Space Gray, and other options like the new light-alloy rims give the buyer a chance to enhance the already sporty elegance of the new BMW 6 Series to their liking. Since other car markers have been taking notice of BMW’s style and then subsequently copying it, BMW has given the rear deck lid and spoiler lip a more concave design to give the rear a more distinctive and dynamic look. In the front, the trademark kidney grill has been widened and integrated more with the lower spoiler in order to visually widen the stance of the car.

Inside, look for the new Chrome Pearl Grey Design as a nice finish on some controls and instruments. New colors for trim and upholstery like Saddle Brown will be also be optional. If you don’t like the standard aluminum trim, you can opt for trim made of trained maple wood or dark birch wood for a more elegant look. You can also go with the optional Pearl exclusive leather and add leather to the armrests, door grab handles, and the center console. Standards are the electrically adjustable seats for both driver and passenger as well as the three spots for seat position memory on the driver’s seat.

Journalists have been carping about the iDrive and BMW continues to refine it. The newest iDrive Controller (introduced in the new X5) comes with six programmable memory keys, meaning direct access to your favorite presets, phone numbers, and other features.

Under the hood is the 4.8-liter V8 engine (360hp at 6,300rpm and 360lb-ft of torque at 3,400rpm) that takes you from 0-60 MPH in 5.3 seconds in the manual Coupe and 0-60 MPH in 5.6 seconds in the Convertible. However, for all of you speed demons out there, engine management will shut you off at a top speed of 155 mph in both models. Varioserv steering assistance helps to provide efficient steering support and assistance based on the driver’s needs.


The 6 Series Convertible also comes with the optional, at no extra charge, six-speed Sports Automatic Transmission if you don’t want the six-speed manual. With the Sports Automatic Transmission, you move the lever from drive to the left to activate the manual gearshift mode. This means you can then shift with the paddles on the steering wheel or with the gear selector level. Press the Sports button that is behind the gear selector lever, and the results will be an even faster gear shift change.

Going a little too fast into a turn? BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) can help by applying the brakes to individual wheels as needed or can intervene via the engine management system in order to counteract such instances of over- or under-steer in corners. Automatic Stability Control helps keep the car from spinning on looser or slippery ground, and the Cornering Brake Control and Brake Assist also help the DSC in steering emergencies. For less experienced manual drivers who are still a little nervous about starting on a hill, the Start-Off Assistant will help you start smoothly without the use of the handbrake. It will also keep you from rolling back.


Driving while sleepy and not staying in your lane? The new Lane Departure Warning system will let you know by vibrating the steering wheel if you veer out of your lane. Night Vision will sense people and animals via thermal imaging up to almost 1,000 feet down the road and then show you an image on the central Control Display. These safety features plus the active headrests help insure the safety of the driver and passengers.

Overall, look for the 650i Coupe and Convertible to carry on the BMW legacy of fine Grand Touring abilities and style, while also incorporating touches of luxury.


  1. Still looks ugly…

    I would go for a Jaguar XKR over this any day, it’s superior in every way!!!

  2. I agree with Jake. What have you been smoking? Maybe you should look in the mirror again.

    This car is a beauty and has the best of both worlds, elegancy, sport, and luxury. The Jag can’t even compare nor compete with this bimmer, nor any other bimmer series.

    1. The only way the jag may be better is exterior design and that is a matter of opinion. As for hard facts the BMW smokes the jag in horse power numbers unless you get the XKR, which cost more than the 650i. BMW is faster than the Jag. The BMW has far better resale value, zero maintenance for 50 thousand miles or 5 years. The BMW even has a usable back seat unlike the jag. The BMW has a larger trunk. Jag still comes with a 1970 metal antenna for goodness sakes. Other than that “schmikes” you are right about the Jag being better in everyway than the 650.

  3. This car is mazing , but what if we compare it with the new luminaSS in terms of speed . they both have the same hourse power and there is big difference in price. iam a speed fans person.

  4. This car is a gem!! I love it so far. Best car I have ever driven. Sheer blend of sport meets luxury & comfort and still agile!!

  5. well the day you will test drive a mercedes benz, you wont have any discussion about the rest thank`s, rick

  6. Its to small, where do you put the kids?
    the trunk is not big enough.
    will there be enough air for them?

    Looks nice, less sporty, more business like.
    The M3 E92 2007 looks just a tad more sporty than this.

    would make me a nice weekend car.
    but what the hell do i know..?
    Bought a V70 last year (don’t hate me)

  7. Expensive but this is by far the best car for 70-85 thousand range. It is like a rocket when you sit in it and has the performance. The only car I have owned that I have loved.

  8. Not quite sure what you are talking about… driven pretty much every benz out there, and would take the BMW anytime… I own an M5 at the moment and there isn’t a benz that comes even close to that. And if you are old and like luxury, Lexus would prob be still better choice. Anyway, look at the last article in the Road & Track comparing 8 luxury sedans, the BMW 5 series (old one, model 2003) came in #1, beating the new benz E class 2010… lol along with Audi A6, and every other luxury contender out there. BMW – there is no substitute if you like luxury and sport into one…

  9. When the 1 series came out, I did not enjoy it. Suppose if it were closer to what the 2002 was and was (much) lighter, less expensive, and had a truly good I4 (turboed or not, I don’t care) then I would enjoy it better, but whatever. What irritated me further was the necessary M unit that really should rationally be labeled the M1. I felt that it just would not be right to compare and contrast the 2 M1s. Then again, since the 1 series debuted in the US, the M division has created 2 SUVs that don’t even come with a manual. The Porsche Cayenne has one, was it that hard? Anyways, times are changing so go on and call it an M1. Greater to manufacture a respectable, or conceivably astounding, automobile than to not come up with it at all just due to the fact a number of fanboys could get hurt.

  10. Just purchased this convertible (my dream car) Saturday and it is the ultimate driving machine!!! Sport, luxury, power, and design. Total package!

  11. I’m currently shopping for a BMW 650i Coupe…it the only thing that leaves butterflies in my stomach every time i see it, that is second my girlfriend.

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