2008 BMW 1 Series Preview

For all of you who still miss iconic 2002 model from years ago you can dry your tears because the 1 Series Coupe will be here in Spring 2008 to reinvent the niche that the 2002 created. Expect room for four, rear-wheel-drive, a hefty engine, and agile handling from the 128i and 135i 1 Series Coupes.


The look of the 1 Series coupe will have the “Hofmeister kink” on the C Pillar to make the nimble look more of a contrast to the long hood. Short overhangs, long wheelbase, and long frameless doors fill out the body that has a striking shoulder line that brings modernity to the BMW characteristic looks. The trunklid with integrated spoiler accentuate the short rear section. Inside, the seats fold 60/40, iDrive (with optional Navigation) is integrated in the center console, and galvanized pearl gloss surfaces cover the interior.

The upholstery comes in sporty and comfortable Leatherette or rich Boston Leather. If you want to take sporty to the next level, you can get the optional Sport Package that includes sport bucket seats with enhanced side support (available in either leather options). Other tough decisions you’ll have to make will be in the audio and communication department. SIRIUS satellite radio, HD radio, Premium Sound system, Bluetooth interface, and a USB port for Apple iPod or iPhone direct control will be some of the amenities you can choose from.

The 128i version comes with a 3.0-liter 230hp incline 6-cynlinder engine that produces 200lb-ft of torque. The 128i will have Valvetronic valvetrain management and aluminum/magnesium construction. You have to opt for the Active Xenon headlights in this model. Under the hood of the135i is3.0-liter incline six-cylinder engine that puts out 300 hp and 300lb-ft of torque at rpms as low as 1,400. An M Aerodynamic Kit is standard on the 135i Coupe that includes an Aero kit, Sports Suspension (six-piston fixed calipers on the front and two-piston fixed calipers at the rear), 18-inch wheels and performance tires. The 135i Coupe is also quick off the line making it 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, capping out at a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited). Direct piezo gas injectors, twin low-mass turbochargers, and air-to-air intercooling provide great performance and economy without engine response loss. The 135i comes with an additional lip spoiler to provide greater downforce on the rear end at high speeds. Standard Active Xenon headlights and integrated Cornering Lights make driving at night or in bad weather safer than ever.


You may be paying a bit more for your vehicle, but don’t worry about sinking money into daily maintenance because the BMW Ultimate Service includes the BMW Maintenance Program that covers wear and tear on items like brake pads and rotors for four years of 50,000 miles. You also won’t pay anything for scheduled inspections, oil changes, brake pads, wiper blade inserts and other items that wear-and-tear over time. You also get Roadside Assistance that gives you on-the-road help 24/7 for no-charge for the first four years (don’t worry, no mileage limits). Warranty-wise, you will get a great Limited –Warranty that includes four year, 50,000-mile coverage for new-vehicle warranty and a twelve-year unlimited-mileage coverage for rust-perforation.

This new 1 Series Coupe will bring back some of BMW’s legendary design and will also incorporate its heritage with premium performance, style, and sportiness. Check back for prices and gas mileage.


  1. This looks to be the second coming of the 2002, and none too soon. As the 3 Series has raised the bar on performance, build and material quality and prestige, so the price has increased as well. The 1 Series seems to be the foil to the ultra high price tag on the most “economical” BMW in the range. However, I expect the price of a fully loaded 1 to close in on the $30-35k barrier, right where the 3 was just a few years ago. Hopefully, one will be able to spec out a 1 with the twin turbo engine and a no frills interior for less than the price of a Mustang GT or Camaro when it comes out.
    I am hoping to see a full compliment of vintage 2002 colors as well. How cool would that be?

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