2008 Cadillac CTS Video

The redesigned 2008 Cadillac CTS is an impressive addition to the entry-level luxury market. Craftsmanship and class are the key elements in the ’08 CTS. The interior (the instrument panel, center console, and door trim), is wrapped in hand-cut and hand-sewn materials. On the exterior, the belt-line is polished stainless trim, unlike many competitors’ chrome styling and the addition of the double-sized sunroof makes the roof 70% glass. The attention to detail rounds out the CTS, including the Cadillac V accents throughout the vehicle.

Our tester came with the 3.6L V6 (304 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 273 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm), which started at $34,345 but with the $2,000 AWD option and $8,000 luxury option, topped out at $46,000 (still a decent price for a luxury sedan with leather interior, a sunroof, a BOSE sound system, a 6-speed automatic tranny, and OnStar). Overall, the Cadillac CTS is a great balance between ride, handling and style.

Watch the 2008 Cadillac CTS-4 Video Pocono Raceway


You can also watch the 2008 Cadillac CTS Video on YouTube.


  1. $46,000.00 for an American Junk, with that I’ll can get BMW M3 that’s a real luxury sport car, I can do better than that Cadillac with my X5, I bet most of that car interior feels like plastic. I’ll rater have a used Toyota than a new American Car. For those that still want it just wait three years and you will get it for $16,000.

    1. Gabriel,

      Is this when I should point out that a 2008 M3 is nearly twice as much… a 2008 M3 is over $80k.

      As far as your X5 goes you should probably drive both on the track before you write statements like you wrote. The X5 is a great SUV but it can’t hold a candle to a comparable Cadillac CTS on the race track.

      Plastic… I’ll simply say that luxury interiors were originally defined by Cadillac. Once again, Cadillac has set the standard for a luxury sports interior. The interior is nothing short of phenomenal and you should definitely go see it for your self. You should see what an A+ interior w/ an incredible touch screen control system looks and feels like.

    2. Gabriel before you go spewing stupidity you should really take a look at the new CTS. I recently bought my son one for school. We had looked at the BMW 335 and Lexus IS 350 and while the Cadillac isnt as fast it offers more options more style while holding onto allot of the peformance of the other two. The interior is vastly superior to that of the BMW and almost as good as the Lexus which is really saying something. The quality of materials is light years ahead of its sibling the STS whick im betting you got your ideas from. Granted the STS has one of the most depolorable interiors when compared to its competition.
      As for your X5, I wouldnt go claiming wild things about it. The X5 is the biggest piece of overpriced over hyped junk BMW has ever made. Thats why yet again I didnt purchase a BMW I went with the Range Rover Sport S/C and its by far a superiour vehicle.

    3. You’re talking about the old days when GM didn’t care. Now they have to care — and work to overcome the anti-American bias. This car has a great interior feel and is a HUGE improvement from the old one. I have a BMW now and do not want to spend a fortune on options for a new one — am waiting for the manual transmission car to hit the showrooms. Too bad GM has XM instead of Sirius.

  2. Funny how the guy driving the Caddy made it sound like the 350z had alot more power than the Caddy. When in fact it only has about 300 horses, 3.5 liter.

  3. Cadillac is certainly well on it’s way with the rest of the automotive world. I can’t say that about our other premium division. What’s up Lincoln ???

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