BMW Concept 1 Series Tii Preview

In June we brought you news of the BMW 1 Series Coupe and shortly after, in September, we brought the news of the 1 Series Convertible. Now we are proud to bring you BMW’s new motorsport design, the Concept 1 Series tii. The BMW 1 Series Coupe tii will be a youthful take on BMW’s classic brand values.


The 1 Series tii concept just debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in features that represent the color trinity of BMW’s signature logo. The body is an Alpine White while the dark carbon structure of the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFP) elements and blue highlights provide a sporty, accentuated contrast. The inlays on the side air intakes in the front air dam, the gurney flap on the rear lid, and the inlay in the rear bumper are all made of CFP, which minimizes weight and axle load. To optimize aerodynamics, special gurney flaps (that are larger on the tii than the regular 1 Series) generate an additional downforce on the rear axle for great driving stability. The air dam is also different from the regular production model’s air dam. With the tii, the front air dam comes on both sides with so-called air splitters and the inside of the side air intakes are coated in CFP.

Styling on the newest BMW Concept supports the contrasting, BMW-heritage color themes, starting with decal stripes that extend from the front headlights all the way to the airflow lip on the rear lid. The bright blue is displayed on the brake calipers, on one of the five wheel bolts on each rim, and on the towing fixture in the front air dam. The blue also highlights the interior with blue seat seams, a blue driver’s seat belt, and a blue decal ring at the bottom of the gearshift. The rest of the interior is finished in alcantara, including the instrument panel, door linings, gear-shift knob, steering wheel, and seats.


New designs to the Concept 1 Series tii are the CFP components, which include the front air dam, the side-sills, rear bumper, rear lid, and the arrangement of the fins on the engine compartment lid. But, most drastic to the standard BMW design is the omission of the standard kidney grille bars that are replaced by a wide honeycomb grid. The rims are 18” light-alloy rims with a five-spoke design in a dark chrome color scheme. However, when looking at any member of the 1 Series family, it will be hard to overlook the features that made the 2002 from the ‘60s and ‘70s so popular.

The BMW Concept 1 Series tii will prove to be a great vehicle to take to the track, thanks to its agility, aerodynamic design, sportiness, and of course, BMW motorsport heritage.

You can discuss the new tii in the 1 Series Forum.


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