2008 BMW 135i First Drive Video

Since its inception in 2004, the BMW 1 Series has generated a lot of buzz, both across the pond and right here in our backyard. But, in July 2007, when the 1 Series Coupe became a tangible reality, we only had a small inkling that the 135i Coupe would/could become the new must-have premium compact sports car.


The exterior of the 1 Series (think optimized M aerodynamics package and modified M Sports Package) comes in the new, exclusive, Sedona Red, and 11 other paint options (8 metallic and 3 nonmetallic). The frameless door and the B-pillar’s steep angle shifts the visual center of the car’s silhouette further to the rear and add to great styling features like a rear lip spoiler. The 135i Coupe sports the traditional L-shaped BMW rear tail lights with integrated LEDs that are part of the two- stage brake light function.

The interior of the 135i is simple. Thanks to the retractable navigation screen (and iDrive control) in the upper section of the instrument panel, the center stack is clutter-free. Another perk in the 1 Series is the easy integration of mp3 players with a USB connection and auxiliary jacks for media players like the iPod and iPhone. You also get three choices of upholstery: two cloth, one cloth/leather combination, and one leather.

The family-oriented driver who had to trade in the M3 for the minivan can now have his cake and eat it too. The inner motorsport lover will get a sporty coupe with a twin turbo inline-6 but the worry-wart mentality will be reassured by the standard ISOFIX fastenings for childseats and the option to get the high-quality Junior Seat II-III with height-adjustable backrest for children 3-12 years old (and in that case, the seat cover is washable).

If you miss the iconic BMW 2002 or if you just want to get back into a sports car, then the BMW 135i Coupe is perfect for you. While not finalized, we are estimating affordable pricing with the 135i starting at around $35,000 and then in Spring 2008, the 128i starting at around $29,900.

Watch our 2008 BMW 135i First Drive Video and let us know what you think:


You can also watch the 2008 BMW 135i Car Review Video on our YouTube Channel.

Video of the BMW 135i on the Gotland Ring in Sweden.

You can discuss the 1 Series in the BMW 1 Series Forums.


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