2008 Detroit International Auto Show Preview

With the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) quickly approaching, we thought we would give you a quick preview of a few vehicles that will be making debuts.

Chrysler will have a trio of eco-friendly debuts: The Jeep Renegade which is a small two-seater that runs on electricity stored in a lithium-ion battery that is supplemented by a small diesel engine, the Dodge ZEO which is a two-plus-two wagon that runs solely on electricity from a lithium-ion battery, and the Chrysler ecoVoyager people mover that runs on electricity from batteries supplemented by a fuel cell.

Ford is set to unveil its next-generation F-150 pickup truck and the small crossover Verve concept.

Nissan will be introducing its Forum concept which is a next-generation family mover. Some of the innovations featured in the concept include trackless sliding doors and no pillars between the front and second row seats.

will reveal a new sports-car concept derived from the infamous Evo X. The concept uses Mitsubishi’s S-AWC vehicle dynamics control system and the Twin Clutch SST automated manual tranny that is used in the Lancer Evolution X. The unnamed concept is built on an aluminum space frame structure and will be powered by a turbo-diesel engine.

Both Toyota and Kia plan to unveil all-new production models. While Toyota has stayed mum on their premiere, Kia has confirmed that theirs will be a new seven-passenger SUV called the Borrego.

BMW will be introducing several vehicles, including new diesel-powered models while Mercedes-Benz will be premiering a small luxury SUV concept.

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