The 2008 Jeep Renegade Premieres At The Detroit Auto Show

The Jeep® Renegade Concept is a sporty B-segment-sized two-seater ideally suited for the all-weather delights of off-roading and dune surfing. Featuring a cut-down speedster windshield, a roll bar, openings in the door lowers and a hose-out interior, it is an “eco-friendly” vehicle with minimized use of materials – designed for those who want to enjoy the earth while taking care of its future. The propulsion system combines a 40-mile lithium-ion battery pack and a small-displacement BLUETEC diesel engine. The result: fuel economy of more than 110 miles per gallon.


Length: 153 inches (3885 mm)
Width at H-point: 62.9 inches (1598 mm)
Height: 56.3 inches (1431 mm)
Wheelbase: 101.6 inches (2580 mm)


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  1. this version sucks these pics are horrible the concept
    above these pics looks drop dead gorgeous.I mean if you
    want to appeal to the offroading group you have to take
    into mind all the terrains possible.Mud and water with
    the holes are fine but the thing is you have to have
    some sort of cover that comes with it.

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