BMW Concept CS Lands In New York

BMW showed its face for the future of luxury vehicle design and performance with the North American debut of its Concept CS at the 2008 New York International Auto Show. The Concept CS is BMW’s vision of a unique four-door car that combines the exclusivity of a genuine luxury Gran Turismo with the thrill of a high-performance sports car — offering a driving experience unlike any other.


More than any other sedan in the past, the body design of the BMW Concept CS lends itself to optimum performance. The low-slung, dynamically stretched silhouette; the long engine compartment lid; and the stylish lines and contours accentuating rear-wheel drive technology simply perfect for sports driving, all set clear standards for supreme dynamics in a new dimension of outstanding vehicles. Through its luxurious presence, stylish elegance and challenging dynamism, the BMW Concept CS offers truly unique design language with highly individual aesthetic features never seen before.

The BMW Concept CS adds an unparalleled touch of sporting dynamism to the conventional culture of a sedan, offering the driver and passengers the complete dynamic experience of such unique power on four full-sized single seats. While the conventional sedan focuses primarily on driving comfort, the BMW Concept CS sends out a clear message of active, dynamic driving. With the generous feeling of space in this four-door being supplemented by a sporting and low seating position enjoyed not only by the driver and front passenger, but also by the rear passengers on their own single seats, it is a message that reaches all of the car’s occupants. For this reason alone, the BMW Concept CS is the ultimate vision of a sports car for the ambitious driver, while simultaneously offering passengers the same experience of sporting performance and luxurious pleasure.

Featuring height-adjustable collar elements directly integrated in the seats, the four full-sized sports seats meet all the needs of personalized entertainment and communication, thus raising the experience of quality within the interior to an unprecedented standard.

Interaction of innovative design and exclusive materials, together with the use of a highly expressive color scheme, gives the interior of the BMW Concept CS a unique touch of luxury based not on simple opulence, but rather on perfect quality.


The BMW Concept CS offers particularly innovative technology within its dynamic, low-slung headlight units, which generate a powerful and consistent light beam. Innovative reverse-projection LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) bundle their light on a reflection area from where the beam is conveyed smoothly, consistently and with utmost precision to the road ahead. This provides a particularly homogenous area of illumination without the slightest dazzling effect, since the oncoming motorist does not look directly at the projectors.

A new experience of dynamics and ambience; exemplary quality in design and finish; extreme precision in the dimensions of the car; and concentrated luxury within the interior – these are the features that characterize the BMW Concept CS. And at the same time all this bears clear testimony to the superior know-how and competence of BMW’s engineers and designers in creating such truly emotional automobiles.

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