The 2008 Porsche Cayenne S takes on the Transsyberia Rally

Porsche proved to the world that the 2008 Cayenne S is not just a typical, everyday SUV by once again entering it in the 2008 Transsyberia Rally.  The rally covers 4,300 miles from Moscow to Mongolia in 2 weeks over severe and rough ground to fast terrain. By entering the Cayenne S into such a rigorous race, Porsche can show that they have created the ultimate 4×4, combining what they are known for in sports cars with incredible off-road capabilities. And, the proof was in the pudding since the 2008 Porsche cayenne S took very little preparation to become race-ready, since the quality and capability was already in the product, straight off of the assembly line.

Rod Millen, who was the 2007 winner at the Transsyberia rally for Porsche, did not compete in this year’s rally, but instead handed over the torch to his son Ryan.

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