Porsche Panamera Pictures Up Close

The new Porsche Panamera continues to show itself with very little camouflage. There are at least 13 Porsche Panameras testing around the San Francisco area this week and Roadfly staff photographer Alex Stack managed to take another group of pictures yesterday. Pictured below are the test mules at rest in a basement garage.

Porsche Panameras Under Car Covers

One of my first questions for Alex was, “Were you able to learn anything about the engines or transmissions?” Alex responded, “This (green) car was clearly a V8 with the PDK transmission. When the car pulled away the sound was nice and deep. Deeper than the 2009 911s I recently drove. None of the cars I’ve seen so far have been turbo-charged.”

When asked about the interior of the car Alex commented, “The Porsche engineers were fast to cover up the dash when I had the camera out. There was very nice black woodgrain from the radio rightward over the glove box area. The steering wheel had trademark Porsche PDK shifters.” Alex continued, “The front seating area is very cockpit like with a center console that sits rather high. The center console sort of reminded me of the Porsche Carrera GT. The driver and front passenger each have a very defined seating area.”

You can see that the rear lines of the Panamera are very Caymanish. The way the fenders bulge up and over the rear wheels… the seems for the rear hatch as it cuts through the rear bumper cover… Cayman styling ques for sure. Also notice the vents behind the rear wheels and the hood bulge which starts down in the front bumper cover area. All of which are very strong characteristics of a high performance grand touring sedan.

The test mule pictured here is equipped with Porsche’s Adaptive headlight technology. This active safety system basically turns the headlights into a turn as you’re turning the wheel. The system helps light the way around corners providing for a safer driving experience.


If you visually block out the large camouflage “whale tale” you can see that the rear spoiler is very similar to that found on a 911. The 911s spoiler raises and lowers at speed to provide better high speed stability and provide more downforce. It certainly makes sense that Porsche would utilize the same technology in the Panamera.


Panamera Wheel and Ceramic Brake Pictures

Through the wheels, the optional PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Braking) system is clearly visible. The calipers are not painted bright yellow but these are definitely ceramic disks. The key advantage to Porsche’s PCCB brake system is the 50% unsprung weight savings which provides for greater performance both on the track and the street.

The pictured test mule has Continental Snow Tires mounted. The sizes are:

  • Front 255/40 R20 Continental
  • Rear 285/40 R20 Continental


Update: 10/24/2008 @ 2:10 PM, EST. A few dozen more pictures to come, please check back. We will add them to this photo gallery.

For more commentary about the new Porsche Panamera please visit the Porsche Panamera Forum

Update 10/31/08 @ 3:40 PM EST: Just added more than 100 hi-res photos of the Porsche Panamera GT

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  1. This green car is still heavily camouflaged. There have been other pictures of the Panamera with much less camo than this one.
    It still has a false front hood (look at the square corners), the false paneling on the doors, false rear lights, false paneling on the sides of the rear bumper and also that false little piece of paneling on the C pillars (disguise the hips)

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