The Cadillac CTS Goes Wireless

With the 2009 New York International Auto Show just around the corner, the buzz is already out about what new offerings manufacturers will be unveiling, and Cadillac is no different.  Cadillac Wi-Fi by Autonet Mobile, which gives passengers full Internet access in and around the car via their laptops or WiFi devices, comes to the 2009 Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan in April.

Autonet Mobile caught on to the fact that consumers are constantly searching for WiFi access when out and about and capitalized on that need by becoming the world’s first ISP designed exclusively for cars.   It delivers an easy-to-use and seamless Internet experience, with 3G mobile technology that maintains Internet connections while the car is in motion. So what does this mean? This means if you’re on a business trip and your co-workers need to access the company network they can. They connect to your Caddy’s WiFi and then to the office. It’s that easy! I guess the next vehicle in the Cadillac lineup to add WiFi will be the Escalade so that the kids in the back can play their Ninetendo DS with their friends while Mom is browsing FaceBook.

The dealer-installed option will retail for $499, with a monthly service subscription of $29.

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