2010 Porsche Panamera 0-60 Test

When we were testing the Porsche Panamera, we had a chance to spend some time at Road America. For those who don’t know, Road America is a four-mile, fourteen-turn professional racing circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

We put the 2010 Porsche Panamera S 2 wheel-drive (400 horsepower/369 lb-ft of torque) against the 2010 Panamera 4S, i.e. the AWD version, and the 2010 Panamera Turbo. For the test, Charlie will engage Sport Plus with the touch of a button, dropping the fenders down to the top of the tires.

While rain on the track ruins most drivers’ day, we took it with a grain of salt because it allowed us to test how well the Panamera performs in the rain. To see how the Porsche’s newest fared, check out the Porsche Panamera 0-60 video. We break it down from 0-20 mph, 0-60 mph, and 60-80 mph.

For more videos, check us out on YouTube.

Also see the Roadfly Porsche Panamera forum.


  1. Just took a Panam s to the race track in Willow Springs. I am not impressed at all with anything the car does on the track. For a 100 grand, thanks but no thanks. As a 911 turbo fan I would never buy this ugly car.

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