2010 LA Auto Show: Subaru Impreza Concept

What will AWD look like in the future?  As one of the leaders in the field, Subaru unveiled their vision for the evolution of all-wheel drive design with their Impreza Concept.  We were on hand for the Impreza Concept announcement at the 2010 LA Auto Show and captured the debut on video.

Built to express possible future Subaru design elements, the Impreza Design Concept conveys a sporty and lively “four-door coupe” style. The Impreza Concept combines environmental compatibility and comfortable ride of the Impreza with the trusted performance that Subaru’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive provides.

On the front, the Impreza Design Concept is clearly recognizable as a Subaru, with a hexagonal grille with spread wings in the center and hawk eye-style headlights. At the same time, the front view previews a new direction for the brand’s design, with the hood, grille and headlights designed to project three-dimensional character.

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