2010 Tesla Roadster

2010 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport Review

The Tesla Roadster needs no introduction to enthusiasts—it is simply known as “the electric supercar.”

The car’s performance (0-60mph) and price tag ($158,000) are familiar supercar territory, but the fact that it costs around $4 to ‘fill up’ puts it all alone for the moment.

Right now, there’s nothing in its segment or any other that compares to this car because it’s all electric and not a hybrid of any kind. It was also the first production vehicle to use lithium-ion batteries, the kind you find in cell phones and laptops—and now many manufacturers are following suit.

2010 Tesla Roadster
2010 Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster has been freshened as of 2010 with better air conditioning, an upgraded adjustable suspension, and a more efficient electric motor.

Our test car, the 2.5 Sport, adds a new front fascia and rear spoiler, directional alloy wheels, better insulation and upgraded seats with improved bolstering.  There’s also more options, which our test car was equipped with—first. a $4500 “infotainment group” with a 7-inch touchscreen, navigation, backup camera, SIRIUS satellite radio, and HomeLink as well as upgraded speakers and a subwoofer.  Secondly, an “executive leather interior” with premium seats and carbon fiber accents for a cool $11,700.

Host Emme Hall was able to finagle a 2010 2.5 Sport for us to review from the Tesla dealer in downtown DC, and here are the results!

Emme Hall’s Website: http://www.hallassracing.com


Visit http://roadflytv.com for more pictures and a downloadable window sticker.


Vehicle: 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

Base Price: $128,500

Price as tested: $158,145

Engine: AC induction electric

Transmission: single-speed

Horsepower: 288

Torque: 295

0-60 MPH: 3.7 sec.

1/4 Mile: 12.6 sec. @ 102.6 mph

Warranty: 3 years, 36,000 miles (vehicle)


YouTube Link:  2010 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport Video

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  1. 12.6 second 1/4 mile is crazy for a full electric car. Your definitely not buying this car to save money though, it’ll take a lot of fill ups before you make up for the $150k price tag.

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