Land Rover Driving School 2014

Late last winter I was invited to drive the new 2014 Land Rovers at the Biltmore Estate. The evening before the drive I met the most wonderful woman at our group dinner. She was introduced to me as Aunt Mimi. By the time I had put my napkin in my lap I realized why she was referred to simply as Aunt Mimi. She had the biggest personality in the world. So, like Cher, Sting or Pink there could only be one Aunt Mimi.

An hour or so into dinner I looked at Holly Reich and said “we should do a video with Aunt Mimi driving.” Holly loved the idea, Aunt Mimi loved the idea so here it is. Enjoy!

Vehicle: 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged
Venue: Land Rover Experience Driving School, Venderbilt Estate, Asheville, NC
Hosts: Aunt Mimi, Holly Reich, Charlie Romero
Land Rover Instructor: Greg Nikolas

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Aunt Mimi at Land Rover Driving School
Aunt Mimi Goes to the Land Rover School. She tackles the Land Rover Experience off-road driving school, while I watch in admiration. Read more

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