Apple iOS 7.1 CarPlay Update

Aftermarket Stereos won’t get Apple’s CarPlay for a while what about Porsche & Audi?

I updated my iPhone a day ago and immediately noticed that Apple had added CarPlay compatibility to the iOS 7.1 update. I guess this means more compatibility is coming sooner than I originally thought. We know that Ferrari, Mercedes & Volvo are ready to launch. There’s a long list of other manufacturers who have also announced iOS & iPhone compatibility later in the year.

I did notice that VW Group companies had not made an announcement. I asked a VW Group executive earlier in the week about their plans. He told me they were still negotiating with Apple but felt confident they would come to an arrangement soon. Remember, Audi is deeply linked with Google for Google Maps and other data. Let’s face it, Apple would love to strike a deal with Audi, Porsche, Bentley and VW and I’m sure their customers would love for them to strike a deal as well.

Apple iOS 7.1 CarPlay Update


If Apple has just about wrapped up all their negotiations with the automotive companies what about the stereo & infotainment system suppliers? What about the aftermarket stereo & infotainment manufacturers? They certainly can’t be far behind which is what led me to wonder about past generation stereos & infotainment systems. Recently AppleInsider touched on the subject.

From AppleInsider

I hope it’s not a question of waiting for a replacement car stereo compatible with CarPlay.

As long as Apple opens this up to the manufacturers as they did with AirPlay, the car stereo makers will be stomping all over each other to get this into their units; and as fast as they can.

But maybe Apple has some other plan?

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14.03.03 CarPlay 2

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