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First Shipment from Rugged Ridge

We just received our first shipment from Rugged Ridge. 350 pounds of metal and steel. We couldn’t be more excited and we couldn’t wait to rip it open. Finally we can start our build!!! So our first shipment contained what we hope is everything we need to give our Jeep a 4-inch suspension lift. Of course we won’t know until we start ripping it apart and putting the new stuff on. For the lift, we received the following parts from Rugged Ridge:


Rugged Ridge 4”-5” Coil Spring Lift with Shocks (Part# 18145.30)

Drop Pitman Arm (Part# 18006.55)
ORV Steering Stablizer (Part# 18475.03)
Adjustable Track Bar (Part# 18205.08)
Inverted Drag Link (Part#18205.26)

We also received our rims in this package. We went with the 17 x 9 XHD Aluminum Hub-Centric Wheels in Satin Black (Part# 15305.01). These rims look awesome and the satin black goes great with the black-on-black theme of the Black Bear Edition. Rugged Ridge sent us five so we can go with the full size spare on the rear. We are still working on sourcing the tires so the rims will have to wait.

Just because Rugged Ridge is so awesome they threw in some red and black neoprene wrapped deluxe grab handles (Part# 13305.31) — which we put on right away and are super cool. Now my kids will have something to hang onto when the doors are off and we hit a corner a little too hard. They also threw in the Off-Road Organizer (Part# 13305.06). Its custom design organizes your maps, owner’s manual, tire gauges and other junk that usually jams up your glove box. Thanks, Rugged Ridge!!! Now we just have to roll up our sleeves, fire up the impact wrenches, and get to work.


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