2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

I’ve loved the Fusion since the first time I tested it a few years ago. It has great exterior and interior styling, tons of interior room and plenty of leg room for taller adults in the rear seats. I love that Ford offers so many variations of the Fusion ranging from the base front-wheel-drive versions to my favorite hybrid, the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, to the very fast and very sporty Fusion Sport.

If you’re in the market for a full-sized family sedan you should definitely put the Ford Fusion on your shopping list.

Here’s our full review of the Ford Fusion Sport.

Here’s our full review of the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid.

2017 Ford Fusion Q & A

What is Ford Fusion Sync?

SYNC includes Siri EyesFree capability to help drivers connect and control their iPhone on the road. SYNC Connect is available to enable owners to remotely start their car, schedule future starts, or lock and unlock the car using a smartphone. The technology provides vehicle location information, as well as tire pressure, battery and fuel levels. SYNC Connect comes with complimentary activation for five years.

Where are Ford Fusion Hybrids built?

Ford builds the Fusion in their assembly plant located in Sonora, Mexico.

How do I sync my Ford Fusion with my iPhone?

  1. Press the “Phone” button which is either on the steering wheel or on your screen/center console.
  2. When you are in the Phone Menu you will need to use the Seek or Tune Knob to navigate and find “System Settings”and Press the “OK” button.
  3. You’ll then want to press “OK” when you see “Bluetooth Devices”.
  4. Once there you’ll need to locate “Add Bluetooth Devices” and press “OK”. You’ll then press “OK” when “Find SYNC” is displayed.
  5. When you see the PIN displayed on the screen you can proceed to the Pairing Your iPhone instructions below.

Pairing Your iPhone

Make sure you have the PIN displayed on your cars screen before proceeding with the pairing instructions.

  1. Locate your Settings app and click it.
  2. Select “Bluetooth”.
  3. Your device will automatically search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it and enter in the PIN displayed; then click the “Pair” button in the upper right of the screen.

That’s it! Your iPhone is now paired to your Fusion.

How do I program the Fusion key fob?

  1. Put the new unprogrammed Intelligent Access key in the center console pocket.
  2. Press the driver or passenger power door unlock control three times.
  3. Press and release the brake pedal once.
  4. Press the driver or passenger power door lock control three times.
  5. Press and release the brake pedal once.The indicator on the Start/Stop button should begin to flash quickly, indicating that the programming mode has been entered and two programmed Intelligent Access keys have been detected in the vehicle.
  6. Within one minute, press the Start/Stop button.A message will be displayed on the message center indicating that the new Intelligent Access key was programmed.
  7. Remove the Intelligent Access key from the center console pocket and press the unlock control on the newly programmed Intelligent Access keys to exit the programming mode.
  8. Verify that the new Intelligent Access key’s remote entry functions operate by pressing lock, then unlock, and then starting the vehicle.

If the above instructions don’t work for you your car may have a different SYNC system. Please see this article on Ford’s website to program your key fob.

What is the MPG for the Ford Fusion hybrid?

The EPA has rated the Hybrid Fusion at 43 City and 41 Highway. Below you can see a photo of my actual mileage on a 448 mile trip which consisted of mostly highway driving.

Is the Fusion a plug-in hybrid?

Ford does offer a plug-in version of the Fusion named the Ford Fusion Energi. It can be driven up to 21 miles on electricity alone. And, I love it! 🙂

Is the Fusion front wheel drive?

The base models of the Fusion are front-wheel-drive. Ford does offer all-wheel-drive versions of the Fusion with most of their trim packages.

What is the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid price?

The base price of my Platinum trim test car is $37,020. With special paint and destination charge the total MSRP is $38,290. See the window sticker below.

Ford Fusion 2017 Window Sticker

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