One of our proudest achievements is the creation of RoadflyTV, our entry into the arena of original video content.

Launched in 2007, RoadflyTV is mainly a series of video car reviews that feature a test car being driven and thoroughly reviewed by one of our hosts.  We also cover most major auto shows around the world and offer sneak peeks of upcoming models.

Thanks to the hard work of our cameramen, video editors, and video hosts, RoadflyTV  has been rising steadily in popularity from its inception.

Despite our comparatively small budget and young team, our videos now compete with bigger-budget channels from household names in automotive media, and even with those of the car manufacturers themselves.  In September 2010, we surpassed 25 million views!

And less than six weeks later, our channel hit the 10,000-subscriber mark.  A little context: when we got our 10,000th subscriber, Audi’s official YouTube channel had 8,200 and uber-mag Road & Track had just 3,100!

As of May 2011 we closed in on 32 million views, and our channel is now ranked #5 on YouTube, behind only, Motor Trend,, and Car & Driver.

With that loyal following and the numbers to back it up, RoadflyTV is growing fast.  The quality and desirability of the cars sent to us is also on the rise—these days, you might just catch one of our hosts behind the wheel of your dream ride.  We have a lot of interesting ideas about the future of our channel, so stay tuned and let us know how we’re doing!

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