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Roadfly & Cookies Roadfly requires the use of web browser cookies. Cookies are messages written to your web browser. The messages store information so that our site immediately recognizes you each time you visit. This permits us to personalize our site for each member, allow access to the secure parts of our site that individual members have registered for and provide members with up-to-date information about their own account.

When you close your browser, the cookie will still be enabled. Roadfly cookies are set to expire every 30 days. Please note that we recently moved all site servers from to, so you will need to ensure that your browser is accepting cookies from both and

Q. How do I accept cookies?

A. To accept cookies, you will need to change your browser settings.

Q. What do I need to change my settings to?

A. You need to set your computer to accept all cookies.

Q. Are cookies dangerous.

A. No. They make Web browsing easier.

Windows Users: Each Windows operating system is different and each Microsoft Web Browser treats cookies differently. Please try to search on Google by entering your specific Windows Operating System and Web Browser combination for instructions on how to enable cookies on your computer.

Windows users, try one of these searches on Google to learn how to enable all cookies:

How do I enable cookies on Windows for Internet Explorer 6.x

How do I enable cookies on Windows for Netscape 6.x

Macintosh Users: Depending on whether you’re using Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X you have different settings to enable cookies. And then again, the settings differ depending on which Web browser you’re using.

Macintosh users, try one of these searches on Google to learn how to enable all cookies:

How do I enable cookies on Macintosh OS 9 for Internet Explorer 6.x

How do I enable cookies on Macintosh OS X for Safari

AOL Users: The process for enabling or disabling cookies depends on which Web browser you use along with your AOL browser. Please follow the instructions below for whichever version of Netscape or Internet Explorer you use with your AOL browser.

Windows users, try one of these searches on Google to learn how to enable all cookies:

How do I enable cookies in AOL for Windows

How do I enable cookies in AOL for Macintosh

* Windows users, if you’re computer isn’t accepting cookies or is acting in a strange manner you most likely are infected with a virus or your computers operating system is out of date. The simple solution is to upgrade your operating system and upgrade all your virus protection software and try again.

* If the above directions don’t work for you, a quick search on Google and you’ll surely find the answers you need to help in your situation.


  1. You might consider instructions for FIREFOX. I get a message that my browser (Firefox) does not accept cookies when it does; it is set for accepting all . . . and RoadFly has a number of cookies in the list.

    1. In your case it’s possible that some of the cookies are being blocked by your security software but not all of them. Unfortunately it’s going to be trial and error in order to get your browser to accept all cookies.

  2. i cant log in from a mac/safari even though cookies are accepted for your site and i already have cookies form your site. same with firefox, what gives

  3. I have tried everything to login. I think the problem is on roadfly’s end. All cookies are accepted fine on any other site! I do not have any security or firewall software installed and Ive completely taken my router out of the mix and its still denying me. WTF!

    1. It may be a cacheing issue. Sometimes the page will display that you’re not logged in when you actually are. This is due to web browsers and networks cacheing the page. If you’re sure you’re logged in on the membership page…

      Roadfly Membership Page

      then go ahead and proceed. It’s a cacheing issue.

  4. Is this a Windows 7 problem? I can’t login with Firefox of IE 7. Also, text for posts is 4 pages down at the bottom of the ads.

  5. Hi-

    I was a member for many years, and cannot log in, with anything that I try for a User Name or Password, due to a “Cookies” issue…no problems on any other sites, just like others who have had problems HERE…


    – Scott W

  6. Site won’t set cookies with Win7/Firefox. All others do. One more reason I probably won’t be back. Tell Alan the Jaguar is still doing fine at about 140,000 miles.

  7. Same problem, checked the settings & even found where google said it had 1 stored cookie from Roadfly. The old Bimmer forum worked šŸ™

  8. I was here all the time when I had my BMW. Now have a Mercedes 300SD with 367,000 miles and I have a few questions but I can’t get back in. I have a new password but now I have cookie problems, this used to be simple, what do I have to do? I really like Roadfly Forums.


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