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Back when we first started offering email to Inner Circle members we offered state of the art email via CommuniGate Pro email software. Over time the software became prohibitively expensive so we stopped upgrading it. Now companies like Google offer incredible email solutions which are either free or available for a small annual fee. Alan and I decided to make the switch to Gmail so that we could once again offer state of the art email to Inner Circle members as well as to the Roadfly staff.

Important first step: You must login to Roadfly Gmail via a web browser to authenticate your account before you can use the system. You can login via one of the following links: or


Q. Why are you switching to Gmail?

A. The short answer is Gmail is either free or very inexpensive, is state of the art, and handles SPAM better than any other email solution currently available.

Q. When are you switching to Gmail?

A. We have been working on the migration for some time. We are making the switch to Roadfly Gmail on Sunday, November 9th around 3PM Eastern time.

Q. Will my email address change?

A. No, your email address will not change. If your old email address was then your new email address is still You still reach Alan and me via our and email addresses.

Q. Will I lose any emails during the transition?

A. Once we effect the changes all new email will appear in Roadfly Gmail. You will be able to access your old email at for a few months. If you want to move all your old emails over to Gmail there are a few ways to do it. We are putting together a “How-to” on migrating emails from Roadfly to Gmail.

Q. Will all the SPAM stop?

A. Yes! Gmail does a phenomenal job of stopping SPAM. Roadfly’s email system is overwhelmed by the amount of spam we get everyday. It wold take a full-time spam administrator just to maintain the system. SPAM control is one of the main reasons we’re moving to hosted Gmail.

Q. How do I access Roadfly Gmail?

A. You can access Roadfly Gmail via an email client like Outlook or Apple Mail, a mobile device like the iPhone or BlackBerry, or via a web browser. On the web visit: or (due to DNS changes may not click-through correctly for up to one week.)

Q. What is my password for my Roadfly Gmail account?

A. Your password for Roadfly Gmail is the same as your regular Roadfly email and membership account in most cases. During the migration we had to elongate some user passwords. For security reasons Roadfly Gmail doesn’t allow passwords less than six characters. If you currently login to Roadfly and/or Roadfly email with a password that is less than 6 characters then we have modified your Roadfly Gmail account password by adding 111 to the end of your password. For example if your old password was “bmwm3” then your new password is “bmwm3111”. This change does not affect your Roadfly membership and forum login only your Roadfly Gmail. If you’d like us to change your password in your Roadfly membership account please email

Q. I can login to my old Roadfly email fine but I can’t login to the new Roadfly Gmail?

A. Something may have gone wrong during the migration. Please email with your username and non-Roadfly email address associated with your account so we can research the problem and get back to you.

Q. When I try to go to my browser keeps taking me to the old Roadfly email home page which won’t let me login. How do I go directly to Roadfly Gmail.

A. You should be able to get to your Roadfly Gmail by going to this URL:

Q. I already have a Google account how come I don’t see Roadfly emails when I login?

A. Regular Google accounts and hosted apps solutions like Roadfly Gmail use separate Google accounts. For now Google doesn’t offer cross-linking of accounts. Of course there are methods to forward emails between accounts if you have multiple Google and Gmail accounts.

Q. How do I setup Outlook, Apple Mail, my iPhone or my BlackBerry?

A. The following link has instructions on how to setup your email software or your mobile device with IMAP access. Setting up Gmail for IMAP. This page talks about setting up Gmail with POP access.

Q. I’m setting up Outlook, should I use POP or IMAP?

A. Like Gmail, Roadfly offered both POP and IMAP options. We always recommend using IMAP as it’s a more advanced email protocol and offers more features.

Q. Can I import my folders from Roadfly email?

A. When importing your old email into GMail your folders will be converted to “labels.” GMail doesn’t use folders they use labels. I have noticed that there seems to be a character limit on the title of a label which causes issues during importing. If a folder on the old system has a name which is to long then that folder won’t import properly. Simply shorten the name on the old system and the folder will import and convert to labels just fine.

Q. I can’t access my Roadfly Gmail with Outlook or my phone?

A. In order to access your new Roadfly gmail from any device other than a web browser you need to enable the access method under the settings tab from within GMail. For example, we recommend immediately enabling IMAP access from within the settings tab. You will not be able to access your Roadfly Gmail from Outlook or your iPhone without having IMAP access enabled.

Q. Gmail is blocked at my work or school, how do I access it?

A. There are a few work-arounds available depending on your situation. Searching Google for “how to access blocked gmail” is your best bet. System administrators usually will change their Gmail filters from time to time

Q. How do I get help with Gmail?

A. Try the main Google Gmail help page. You can also ask on the Inner Circle help forum.

If we missed something on this FAQ please leave a comment below.


  1. I had the old style gmail with the butler that came out and said(YOU HAVE MAIL SIR) and that was on my old computer that is no longer working,, So I got a new computer and I want to put the old style gmail on my new computer and I can’t find out how to do that, what is the secret? I can access my email through google but it it totally different.. how do I get this on my new computer? HELP ME !!!

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