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To find used parts for your car navigate to the Used Auto Parts section of Roadfly by clicking on the Used Car Parts tab at the top of the page. Once you’re in the Used Auto Parts section you’ll see a search box on the left hand side of the page about 4 inches down the page. To narrow your search results select the appropriate car brand, ie BMW.

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Due to all of the valuable information stored in the Roadfly forums database it is necessary to have a dedicated, customized search engine. A general purpose search engine like Google isn’t very good at drilling deep into web forums and finding answers like, “how to fix the window motor in my E30 BMW?” Essentially each individual Roadfly forum has its own search engine. If you own a BMW X5 and your horn doesn’t work you won’t be served search results pages on how to fix the horn in a Jaguar XKE you will be shown search results specific to a BMW X5.

To search the forums, navigate to the specific forum which is focused on your car brand and model. On the right hand side of the forum page for your model you will see a search box. This search box is context sensitive to the specific forum you are browsing. ie, starting your search from the BMW X5 forum will display search results for the BMW X5. If you’re starting your search from the Jaguar XJ6 forum your search results will be Jaguar XJ6 specific.

An alternative search method is using the general search. To use Google to search Roadfly do the following:

For example, typing “ fix my breaks” will search Google for the phrase “fix my breaks” and Google will limit the search results to Roadfly pages.

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