2019 Lincoln Continental Limited Edition with Coach Doors

Elegance has opened the door to the 2019 Limited Edition Lincoln Continental with Coach Doors

In a return to the sophisticated elegance of the retro Eisenhower Era center opening door Lincoln Continental, a limited edition 80th Anniversary Lincoln Coach Door Edition Continental will be available in 2019 and 2020.

The Lincoln Motor Company has released the 80thAnniversary Edition extended wheelbase version of the Continental for 2019 and 2020 with center opening Coach Doors in celebration of the brand’s eightieth birthday next year. Using the current Continental design that came to market in 2017, the Coach Door edition is 6-inches longer and adds exclusive touches to this center opening door sedan.

Limited Production

Only 80 units, each numbered from production will be produced in the 2019 and 2020 model years. “Exclusivity is the hallmark of elegance.” Said Joy Faloticoat the press launch event on December 17thin Brooklyn beside the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. “And that is what elegance is all about” she continued as she opened the right rear door of the Coach Door Continental.

Black Label

The 2019 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition Continental is only available under Lincoln’s exclusive Black Label, a line that provides the highest quality of materials in the brand’s most personalized level of luxury, including Chalet and Thoroughbred.

In addition to a specially trained Black Label experience liaison, Lincoln Black Label owners will enjoy special privileges: Extended Premium Service and maintenance coverage, No-cost rental vehicles during covered maintenance, Remote service – vehicle pick-up and delivery while maintenance is performed, annual detailing, anytime car washes, and a Culinary Collection membership.

“The Lincoln Black Label dealer network is designed to cater to our customers on an individual level.” “Dealers have committed to providing a level of service that is as unique as the vehicles they’ll be selling.” said Kevin Cour, director of Lincoln’s sales and service.

Exterior Design

Lincoln has an athletic and dynamic design from the one-piece bold signature grill featuring the distinctive Lincoln Star to the clean lines with the door handles designed into the high beltline just beneath the windows to the haunches and distinctive LED lit rear. The Coach door edition adds 6-inches to the wheelbase that is barely visible in the rear doors, giving the sedan a well-proportioned look.

Interior Design

The Continental Coach Edition excels in the rear passenger comfort with an added six inches to the car’s wheelbase allowing for the larger rear coach doors. This provides Rear seating for two with best-in-class second-row legroom. Roomy rear bucket seats are separated by an elegantly crafted rear-seat pass-through console with stowable tray table and tablet holder. The console is outfitted with a single phone induction charging bay, two USB outlets, audio and HVAC controls, and a three-prong 110v outlet inside the console.

Lincoln doors are equipped with E-Latch with Power Cinch. You will find a button integrated into the arm rest on the door panel replacing traditional door handles. Instead of pulling a metal handle, the push of a button opens the door electronically allowing it to be opened in single smooth motion (the occupant pushes the door open as it does not open automatically like a SUV rear hatch.). When you close the door the E-Latch pulls it closed securely.


The Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door, like the rest of Lincoln’s lineup, is meticulously crafted inside and out, integrating technologies that both assist and entertain. Providing refinements and advanced features like; Perfect Position seats that adjust 30 ways, plus Active Noise Control for a quiet interior. A Revel® Ultima Audio experience allows drivers to select one of three listening modes, including stereo, audience and on-stage.

Lincoln’s award-winning Head-Up display contributes to a custom driving experience by letting drivers choose what information is projectedonto the windshield display. The feature is so innovative that it is visible even with ambient lighting and when the driver is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Power Train

Lincoln’s exclusive 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine provides a smooth, powerful drive delivering the power and performance today’s driver expects with an impressive 400 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. oftorque. Three Drive Modes, including Normal, Sport and Comfort, allow clients to personalize their driving experience with an adaptive suspension. Dynamic Torque Vectoring delivers smooth and seamless power to the rear wheels while cornering.

Adaptative Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go uses both radar and cameras to sense what is surrounding the vehicle to detect the pace of traffic. Stop and Go allows the Continental to come to a complete stop and move with traffic, sensing the speed of vehicles ahead.


Lincoln EmbraceActivated by the key fob or a smartphone assigned to the vehicle, this Continental will sense a driver’s approach and lights up with Lincoln’s trademark sequential welcoming embrace. Providing a welcome by softly lighting up the door handle, head and tail lamps. Even extending a lit Lincoln welcome mat to you in the way of a puddle lamp housed in the outside rearview mirror.

Active Noise Control –Inside the cabin peace and quiet is achievable, or a concert hall experience if so desired. Using in-cabin noise cancelation technology to create an acoustic soundwave to cancel out unwanted noise.

Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 degree –A pre-collision assist helps avoid or lessen the effects of a collision using camera and radar technology. Automatic Emergency Braking applies the brakes if the vehicle senses a collision if the driver has not.


While a standard wheelbase Lincoln Continental Black Label with standard opening doors starts at $70,440 and can run fully equipped to just under $80K. The 2019 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition Black Label Continental will price out at over $100K.

Our Take

The prototype Coach Door Edition Continental we experienced in NYC showed many advanced features and a level of fit and finish that is exemplary of Lincoln. Though not quite at the next level that is provided by imported top-line luxury sedans like Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach, Rolls Royce, or Bentley. Which is exactly where American automobiles were as the 1960’s turned into the 1970’s. This luxury sedan is pure American, and we expect will be in demand in limousine and black car service in the extended wheelbase version, no matter the door configuration.

This limited-edition Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door model is available to order now through Lincoln Black Label dealers, with 2019 model year vehicles set to arrive summer of 2019.

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